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Searching For an Opportunity!

Hi All!

I've been wanting to join an AmeriCorp program since 2010, when I was volunteering for an Alternative Spring Break trip in NOLA. Now I'm a year away from graduation and the possibility to do so seems largely in my favor. My question is...there are so many opportunities to choose from, where do I start?!

I already know I'm too old for NCCC (I'm going to be 26 the summer after graduation), but the State/National and VISTAs alone have so much too offer in-and-of themselves. The main thing I want to do is volunteer in programs that help low-income families and individuals. As long as I don't have to work with tiny kids, I think I'll be happy. I've even narrowed it down to 4-5 states (just because I'm semi-familiar with them). My biggest limitation is that I don't have car. It seems almost requisite to have one with a few of the programs. Can anybody recommend any areas that don't necessarily require cars (Aside from Cali, NY, and Portland OR)?

Also, if I can't narrow it down to 4-5 programs, is there a way to apply for more than one? I may seem overly ambitious, but I REALLY want to make my first post-graduate year as meaningful, challenging, and interesting as possible.
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