vorizmatryoshka (vorizmatryoshka) wrote in acvista,

Living On Campus During Your Service


I am currently trying to figure out my living situation with VISTA. I was assigned to a program in large urban city. I don't want to say more than that because I'd like to remain relatively anonymous.

At first, I tried to apply for low income housing through the county but the list is pretty long and the county that my program had to close the list again, so I'm kind of in a bind with getting housing assistance. It's also a very bureaucratic system and I was warned that it can take months for anything to resolve even if I get into the system.

My program is tied to university and it says in the handbook you can try and secure housing with the school. Has anyone else lived on campus during their service? I don't mind this. I just don't know if its possible? Or how I would go about asking my supervisor before I start if this can be looked into. I honestly don't know what else to do because if I can't find housing before I start then I'll have to drop out and I really want to make this work.
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