to (to) wrote in acvista,

Strange question

Okay, so, I want to start an entrepreneurship program for high school students. I live in an area with a very high poverty rate and very little industry. I'm big into economic development. My main problem right now is how to fund such a program. I know that I would work with an area high school (or a few schools.) Other than some various supplies, really all I need to fund is my own salary. Obviously I'm not greedy if I'm considering being a VISTA, but I can't work for free either. I would LOVE to make this my fulltime job.

What is the likelihood that a principal in the area could take my lesson plans and apply for a VISTA to come to their school and work the program, and that I could take on the position, work the year, and be applying for grant funding throughout the year?

Am I insane to even think this could be possible? Thanks for any input. :)
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