a (la_mariposa) wrote in acvista,

A Few Questions about Americorps

Hello all - I am 28 years old, living in the Chicagoland region.  My family thinks I am crazy, but I think that I might apply for Americorps.  I have a few questions, and I would greatly appreciate any help.

1. There are some programs that I am interested in that are still taking applications, but the end date shows that the program will end soon.  Does this mean that another year long program will start?
2. Is there anywhere to see how many VISTAS a particular program will take?  (I know that you can look at reports of past years)  Are you better off in a program with a lot of people?
3. What kind of notice do they give you before the program starts?  How long are you given to accept? 
4. There are some programs that are starting very soon.  Would it be a waste of time to apply for them - i.e. have they likely already been filled?
5. Are there any medical restrictions?
6. Is there a particular time of year when more opportunities are posted?

Thank you in advance!

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