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After AmeriCorps....

So I finished my first AmeriCorps VISTA year as of May and started a second year as a AmeriCorps National/State member -  the VISTA Program was not renewed at my original site and was offered to be placed and sent to another site that had their AmeriCorps National grant renewed.

I decided to accept the offer  but with increased and new responsibilities. Originally I was creating and facilitating after school youth programing and doing community presentations. Added on this year to my original responsibilities  is sourcing, interviewing, back grounds checks, training and supervising volunteer mentors, tutors, cooks and drivers - we are aiming to have by the end of October,  40 volunteers.  In return for taking on more responsibilities my program will let me leave at the 10 month mark pending completing all my hours - which is April.

I have started to work on my resume and have had a bit of trouble describing AmeriCorps in my resume.

I am also applying to jobs that are recruiting for positions that start late spring and early Summer  of next year- some will start interviewing in the next month or two.

1- How did you describe or put AmeriCorps Years of Service on a resume?
2- How would you describe what AmeriCorps is to a  perspective employer?
3- How do I calculate a good starting salary for my first non AmeriCorps Job?

Salary seems a bit tricky for me - my understanding is that employers usually ask about what you are interested interns of salary. Friends have told me just to add on a bit more than what you previously made. My stipends were 10, 400 and 12, 100 respectively. I don't think that calculation will work here.

I have three years experience working for a non profits in college and will have two years AmeriCorps experience by next March. I'm going to apply to work for non profits doing the same work as I do now. Taking into account my  AmeriCorps responsibilities, previous non profit experience, what should I ask for?
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